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    WBGO Radar – Tim Wilkins

    Canada is a place where chops can grow – sometimes to epic proportions. A case in point is Toronto saxophonist Johnny Griffith, whose CDDance With The Lady reveals an exciting musical imagination with skills to spare. While his chops are remarkable, Griffith plays first from his heart, not his head. The result is – rarity […]

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    Stuart Broomer – Whole Note Magazine

    For all the similarities, Johnny Griffith sounds very different on Dance with the Lady (GB Records johnnygriffith.com). He’s a more kinetic player, far less deliberate, pushing toward a raw expressionist edge, showing affinities with John Coltrane and the ancestral energies of rhythm & blues. He shares the front line with trumpeter Jeremy Pelt, a star […]

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    Art of Cool – Ben Gray

    From the opener, “The Zissou Predicament”, (and if you’re not already interested in the album as it name-checks a Wes Anderson character, well, I don’t know what to do for you), the band jumps into a knotty head that is followed by outstanding solos from Griffith, Pelt, and Farrugia. The band may not be made […]

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    Allaboutjazz.com – Edward Blanco

    Canadian saxophonist and composer Johnny Griffith is a multi-JUNO Award nominee and leads a vibrant quintet of first-call musicians on their debut recording entitled Dance With The Lady, comprised of nine stellar originals in the contemporary jazz mold exhibiting influences from the great Joe Henderson,Kenny Wheeler, Andrew Hill and Anton Webern among others. Grounded in […]

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    Jazz Weekly – George W. Harris

    Don’t confuse this tenor/alto saxist with jazz legend Johnny Griffin. Although they play the same horn, this guy has his own distinct name and can make a name for himself. He leads a smoking team of Jeremy Pelt/tp, Adrean Farrugia/p, John Maharaj/b and Ethan Ardelli/dr that plays assert modern hard bop as in the vintage […]

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    Jazz Buzz

    Σαξοφωνίστας από τη νέα γενιά της καναδικής τζαζ, ο Johnny Griffith κυκλοφορεί το “Dance with the lady” (GB Records), πρώτο άλμπουμ με το κουιντέτο του (είχαν προηγηθεί άλλα δύο με το τρίο που διατηρεί με τον κιθαρίστα Nathan Hiltz), που περιλαμβάνει εννέα δικές του συνθέσεις. Το κουιντέτο αυτό συμπληρώνουν δύο μέλη από το γκρουπ του […]

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    Allaboutjazz.com – Dan Bilawsky

    Can jazz stay the inventive course while remaining true to its swinging precedents and historical framework(s)? This record makes the argument that it can. Toronto-based saxophonist Johnny Griffith has put together a program of original music that’s firmly grounded in tradition, yet his approaches aren’t rigidly dogmatic in nature; in other words, this record speaks […]

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    Winnipeg Free Press – Chris Smith

    Toronto saxophonist Johnny Griffith is joined by New York trumpeter Jeremy Pelt on this new disc featuring nine Griffith compositions. That formidable front line is capable of channelling classic jazz roots on tunes such as The Mile Walk and Cinders, or looking forward, as on Syrah. Read the full article…